Common Laser Systems Questions and Answers and Testimonials and Training Materials

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How do I find the best Class IV laser therapy system?
As with any important investment, take the time to speak with a knowledgeable representative of the Laser System that makes sense to you. At Discover Lasers LLC we only represent Laser Systems that will perfectly meet our customers needs. We offer a wide range of class IV laser sytems that are durable, powerful, easy to use and that produce outstanding results. Every class 4 laser that we offer includes excellent customer service and a no-hassle 2 year warranty. Make sure your other Laser System considerations back up their product with friendly and caring customer service so you’re always in good hands with professional support. We are proud of the fact that our lasers are manufactured in the United States and can easily be serviced by skilled technicians at our service center located in Colorado.

Which brand of Class IV Laser Systems do you specialize in?
We specialize in the Aspen Laser Systems because they are a US based company that takes pride in their work and the quality of their products. They work hand in hand with us and our customers so that every one of our customers receives the highest quality of customer care that Discover Lasers LLC is proud to offer you.

Can I use my Aspen Laser System for surgical procedures?
Yes, for some applications. Many of our models can be used for both therapy and surgical applications, primarily Podiatric and Veterinarian use. Aspen Laser Systems Pinnacle Series 30 Watt system is FDA 510(k) cleared for Pediatric surgical procedures.

Do you offer a Warranty?
Yes. We offer a 2-year limited warranty. Full warranty details can be found here >>

What payments methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards. We also offer financing options for qualified buyers.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. We work with a trusted bank partner so you may purchase or lease your Aspen Laser System. Contact us for more information so we may qualify you for lease/payment plan and estimate your payments based on the Laser System you’re interested in.

What additional services are available?
Aside from providing the best Class IV Laser Systems, we also offer Practice Marketing consulting, and Patient Marketing consulting. Contact us for more information on how we can help meet your needs.

How much training do you provide?
We offer “New System” training to you and your staff, and also offer additional training as needed. Plus, videos will soon be provided for online support and training 24/7.

Can your laser systems help my patients?
We have satisfied customers all over North America. Our lasers have a proven history of providing outstanding results for treating a wide range of conditions. Due to certain regulations, we are not able to make results-based medical claims. However, we have several FDA clearances for particular health conditions, and clinical studies are available online so you may research the factual data provided by 3rd party studies.

If you would like a free consultation with a laser specialist or are ready to place an order for one of our exceptional laser therapy systems with the best warranty and customer support, contact us. We look forward to serving you! Call Toll Free 800-575-7963 or send us an email. (link to contact page)

Wellness Care and Class IV Laser Therapy

Treatment of Postmastectomy Lymphedema with Low-Level Laser Therapy. LINK to Read Study >>

Low-level laser therapy in management of postmastectomy lymphedema. LINK to Read Study >>

Treatment of Post-Mastectomy Lymphoedema with Laser Therapy: Double Blind Placebo Control Randomized Study.
National Institute of Health LINK to Read Study >>


“I am an active senior and suffered a sports related injury several years ago. After initial recovery I was left with very severe tendonitis in my lower leg. I received little relief from traditional ice and massage therapies. I underwent non-traditional injection therapy which, after initial discomfort, provided significant relief. As I continued my sports activities, the tendonitis returned several months later, but repeating the injection therapy provided little relief.
I then tried laser therapy, which provided instant relief and no discomfort. I was able to immediately continue my activities.
Some months later the tendonitis returned and I repeated the laser treatment, with almost 100% immediate relief.”
-Gary DeVicci


Laser Therapy Research Partner
The NeuroLaser Foundation is a research partner, helping break new ground in the benefits and clinical applications of Laser Therapy. The Neuro-Laser Foundation (NLF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives of those distraught with various symptoms resulting from traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Building onto more than 30 years of studying the effects of infrared light on cells and tissues, we are advancing technology and treatment approaches that have increased quality of life factors for people impacted by traumatic brain injury.

Neurolaser Foundation – Laser Research Partner with Aspen Laser Systems

Class IV Laser Members Website for Patient Marketing and Building Your Practice

Once you purchase an Aspen Laser System, we provide you access to our Member Area which includes a wide variety of resources to help you get the most of your laser system and the clinical benefits you can now offer patients. Our Member Area is available to you 24/7 and includes:

Patient Marketing resources (print materials, videos, loyalty cards, etc.)

  • Treatment videos
  • How to use your laser
  • Referral program information
  • and much much more

The Right Laser System – The Right Team

When you invest in a laser through Discover Lasers LLC – Not only do you get the best laser for your practice, but you also get a dedicated team of professionals on your side.

We wanted to solve the all too familiar problem of doctors not getting the support they need from their medical device provider. To do this we built our team with a combination of experienced laser specialists, customer care specialists, marketing experts, and most importantly – laser coaches who have experience using lasers and working with clients. This allows us the “insider” knowledge to help make your therapy laser or surgical laser purchase a beneficial investment for you and your patients.

We’re here to support you and help your practice realize more success in revenue and clinical results. Unlike other laser system providers, we’ll answer your questions, help provide resources, and continuously update marketing resources to help you provide healing for more patients.

If you would like a free consultation with a laser specialist or are ready to place an order for one of our exceptional laser therapy systems with the best warranty and customer support, contact us. We look forward to serving you! Call Toll Free 800-575-7963 or send us an email.