Lasers for Chiropractors – We Love Chiropractic! summit_series_laser_systems-280x300Class 4 Laser for Chiropractors

Practitioner-using-class4laser-sm1Class IV Laser Therapy has become a “must have” modality for Chiropractic Clinics. From personal experience, we know that you will love our lasers. They will add ease, proven results and increased revenue to your practice.

Chiropractic Lasers are Therapeutic Lasers for Chiropractors that deliver exceptional performance and benefits to clients. Class IV lasers are the optimum solution simply because they work much faster than cold lasers and they have come a long way over the last decade in terms of safety and ease of use. Cold lasers simply do not have enough power to effectively treat the pain and spinal related conditions in the roughly 15 minute time span that a Class 4 Chiropractic Laser can. There is absolutely no comparison.

Our Class 4 Laser Therapy Equipment for Chiropractors provides amazing Pain Relief, reduced inflammation, faster healing and exceptional treatment results for a variety of spinal, joint and musculoskeletal complaints common with patients.

Improve Care, Enhance Reputation and Patient Referrals

FDA Cleared Class IV lasers are proven in thousands of clinical studies to improve a patient’s health. Laser Therapy isn’t a new idea anymore, it’s now possible to easily introduce Laser Therapy Care into your Chiropractic practice, achieve improved clinical results for your patients, enhance your practice’s reputation, and significantly increase your patient-referrals and bottom-line (test our Laser Therapy ROI Calculator below).

The Benefits of Laser in your Practice Include: Class 4 Laser Therapy Provides Relief from back pain, inflammation, subluxations and nerve impingement.

  • Proven clinical results
  • Add and maximize revenue streams
  • Differentiate your practice from the competition
Chiropractic Laser, Class 4 laser, Class IV Chiropractic Laser
Class 4 Laser Therapy Provides Relief from back pain, inflammation, subluxations and nerve impingement.


Consider the following, then contact us to find the right Laser System for your practice. 

How many patient visits does your practice have per week?

How many patients per week do you see who would benefit from Laser Therapy?
Laser Therapy in your practice will be more beneficial to your patients than you think.

What are the demographics of your patients and community?
This will help establish a fee schedule.

Are fast treatment times important to you? Our Class IV lasers deliver effective treatments 10-100 times faster than most cold lasers.

Is ability for CA to perform these treatments imperative for you?

How is your practice set up?

Do you need portability to move from location-to-location?
A system that’s lightweight, easy to pick up and put in/out of car and travel
Do you need transportability to move from room-to-room or patient-to-patient?
A system on a wheeled cart, or lightweight enough to occasionally relocate to another treatment room?
What is my estimated budget to purchase a Laser System?
Our Aspen Laser Systems range in price from $8,995 to $57,995. We also offer financing programs to suit every practice with easy monthly payments.

Click here for our “ROI Calculator“.
Simply update green fields with your speculated data to realize your estimated ROI!

Knee Pain Relief
Neck Pain Relief
Spinal Decompression

Applications: Chiropractic Lasers for Humans

Podiatry Laser, Laser for Podiatrists
Class 4 Laser for Chiropractic Clinics

Output Options:

7,000mw (10 w) @ 980 nm

10,000mw (10 w) @ 980 nm
15,000mw (15 w) @ 980 nm
30,000mw (30 w) @ 980 nm
60,000mw (90 w) @ 980 nm

(All power levels available in 810 nm by special order)
Waveforms: CW, Pulse
FDA Status: Cleared
Stock: Yes
Delivery: 3-4 days
Shipping: Included
Warranty: 2 Years
Prices range from $8,995 – $57,995

Next Steps

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