Laser Therapy System for Veterinarians Utilizing Class IV Lasers

Improve Care, Enhance Reputation, Increase Pet Owner Referrals and Increase ROI

VeterinaryLaserTherapyTreatment-CutoutClass IV lasers are proven in thousands of clinical studies to clear out pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation and to speed-up healing. It is now safe and easy to add a Laser Therapy System into your practice. Achieve improved clinical results, an enhanced reputation, and realize significant increases in your owner-referrals and bottom-line. By using our proven laser systems you will increase your bottom line, while simultaneously improving animal patient results and creating more satisfied clients. Are you ready to grow your business? We are ready to help you.

The Benefits of Class 4 Lasers in your Veterinary Practice Include: pinnacle_series_laser_systems-300x267 Class 4 Lasers for Vets, Veterinarian Class 4 Laser, Vet Lasers, Animal Care Lasers pinnacle_pro_laser_system-300x284

  • Proven clinical results for countless health conditions
  • Add and maximize revenue streams with Therapy AND Surgical capabilities
  • We’ll help you build a successful Laser Therapy Practice

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Do you specialize in a particular type of Veterinary care? (companion, equine, exotic)

We have found that Veterinarians who are brand new to lasers, or who specialize in smaller animals including cats and dogs, you can work well with a 10 Watt Summit Laser. That said, getting a 15-18 Watt laser is optimal. However, if you work with larger animals such as horses then you will want a 30 Watt Laser minimum, up to 60 Watts if you can afford it.

What is the demographic of your patients’ owners?

How many patients per week do you see who present with:

  • acute or chronic pain
  • tendonitis, arthritis, or joint pain and disfunction
  • open wounds or need for fast healing after surgery
  • general discomfort and inflammation

Class IV Lasers are extremely effective in treating all these conditions, and more.

What is your estimated budget to purchase a Laser System?

Our Class IV Laser Systems come in a variety of power outputs with a price range that makes them affordable for most budgets. We also offer financing programs to suit every practice with easy monthly payments.

Click here for our “ROI Calculator“. (Excel file)

Simply update green fields with your speculated data to realize your estimated ROI!

ASPEN Class IV Laser Systems Utilize Superior Laser Technology and Produce Outstanding Results

BENEFITS of Adding Laser Therapy to Your Practice Include Working with:

Chronic and Acute Injuries
Dermatological Conditions
Geriatric & Wellness Program
Pain Management Program
Pre & Post Surgery Program

Photonic Laser Biostimulation benefits include:

Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth
Powerful Anti-inflammatory
Anti-Pain (Analgesic – drug free)
Faster Recovery and Healing
Improved Nerve Function
Improved Vascular Activity
Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation
Trigger Points and Acupoint Therapy with ease
Advanced Wound Care

Indications for Laser Therapy – The most common Laser Therapy indications include:
  • Acute or chronic otitis (Ear problems)
  • Anal Gland inflammation
  • Arthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)
  • Back Pain (Intervertebral Disc Disease)
  • Hot Spots
  • Idiopathic Cystitis – (Bladder Inflammation)
  • Inflammatory Conditions
  • Lick Granulomas
  • Periodontitis (Gingivitis)
  • Sinusitis, Rhinitis (Nasal problems)
  • Surgery (Incisions, Growth Removals, Bone Surgery)
  • Trauma (Skin, Muscle, Bone)
  • Wounds

Next Steps

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